FEMA / is a service that helps people prepare for, respond to and mitigate emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters.

CDC Atlanta

The CDC has put together a comprehensive guide to preparedness, including safety tips for cooking and other activities during an emergency, as well as sample survival kit lists.

Please note that the CDC also has preparedness guidelines in case of a zombie outbreak.


WRAL Raleigh has put together a guide to storm and hurricane preparation and lists what should be in your emergency kit.

Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple has put together a list of the best foods to put in your bug out bag in case of an emergency.

San Francisco Chronicle

This resource from the San Francisco Chronicle covers the detailed necessities that belong in your earthquake kit.

Los Angeles Times

The LA Times reports that to prevent wildfires, California may need to endure power blackouts caused by PG&E outages to mitigate risk, for which PG&E recommends updating emergency kits and making other preparations.